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          Company Profile
             Zhoushan Aobo Pipe Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is a production of advanced facilities, improve the management system, specializing in the production of automobiles, diesel engines with high-strength high-performance metal fittings and small technology-based enterprises, is committed to leading technology innovation, integrity This, to strengthen the quality management, improve product quality, and constantly reduce costs to seize the current rapid development of domestic and foreign auto industry as an opportunity to accelerate the development and production of environmentally friendly high-tech products, advancing with the times, innovation, has been included in the domestic large Engine companies, such as the ranks of suppliers, such as SAIC, Shanghai Hino, Chai Chai shares, such as Hangzhou spring power.
                                     Zhoushan Aobo Pipe Industry Co., Ltd  CopyRight   浙ICP備15001253號   
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