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          Stainless steel exhaust pipe some details
          Time:2017-07-31 14:57:15    Page view (664)
          Tabloid:The main material of the exhaust pipe is stainless steel, the sleeve and the takeover material can be made of stainless steel or aluminum ...
          The exhaust pipe is installed between the engine exhaust manifold and the muffler so that the entire exhaust system is connected flexibly to stabilize and reduce noise, facilitate installation and prolong the life of the exhaust muffler system. Exhaust pipe is mainly used for light cars, mini cars and buses, motorcycles, exhaust pipe structure is double-layer bellows outer cover wire mesh sets, both ends of the straight edge of the outer ring structure, in order to make the muffler better , Bellows can be equipped with internal or even sets of telescopic knots. The main material of the exhaust pipe is stainless steel, card sets and take over the material can be stainless steel or aluminum steel.
          1. winter cold car is difficult to start, close the choke to start the engine, hot car after the attention of the choke in time to open. Prohibited in the closed choke state for a long time high speed;
          2. riding a car (men's car) prohibits the front of the engine and muffler to install the windshield or other decorative items, this will affect the engine and muffler heat;
          3. Do not drive a long time low load, which will cause damage to the engine and muffler;
          4. Do not long time in situ high speed throttle;
          5. When the surface of the muffler oil, the hot car will make its surface color discoloration yellow, hair blue and so on. In addition, when the surface of the muffler sticky dirt and other dirt, please clean up in time, so as not to affect its heat;
          6. When installing the muffler, it should be noted that the muffler pad is installed in place and fastened to prevent leakage, affect the muffler effect and cause the muffler interface to yellow;
          7. Engine valve clearance and carburetor, air filter, etc. should be based on vehicle instructions for timely and correct adjustment and cleaning, such as the valve clearance is too small or mixed gas is too thick, too thin will affect the combustion, the impact of the muffler Cause discoloration.
          Car exhaust pipe maintenance skills one: waterproof
          When driving in the rain or to wash the car, be sure to pay attention to prevent the muffler into the water, or easily lead to rust, and affect the use of exhaust pipe; if not let the muffler water, and immediately start the engine hot car, as far as possible So that the muffler inside the water discharge, which is particularly important for the maintenance of the exhaust pipe.
          Car exhaust pipe maintenance skills two: rust
          Car exhaust pipe rust, not only that can be rust-proof waterproof, and the best way is to rub some rust-proof oil, so that will be more comprehensive protection. We first removed the muffler, blocking the location of the drainage hole, and then to the flange if the anti-rust oil, then shake the muffler, rust-proof oil into the barrel evenly, and then install the muffler. And then wait about 20 kilometers after the car, the drainage hole can be taken away, you can. Car exhaust pipe maintenance of the rust, about 2 times a year can be a substantial protection of the exhaust pipe does not rust.
           Car exhaust pipe maintenance skills three: clean
          As the exhaust pipe is often exposed, but with the same inside the car, so if the exhaust pipe inside the dirt, it will also affect the normal use of the exhaust pipe, and may be due to improper driving drivers lead to other harmful substances into the car Inside, and cause other bigger problems, but also when things happen. Therefore, car exhaust pipe maintenance, we must also pay attention to the exhaust pipe clean.
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