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          Vacuum tube products on the car
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          Car vacuum is formed by the engine suction, a car using a vacuum to control some of the valves, such as the control of the wind direction of the wind, some of the car's choke are controlled by the vacuum tube. The vacuum tube is attached to the intake pipe.
          1. There is a vacuum booster pump inside the brake system.
          2. Some variable intake airway technology requires vacuum control.
          3. Some cruise systems use vacuum control.
          4. Clean the fuel vapor inside the activated carbon tank to the vacuum.
          5. Crankcase ventilation system requires vacuum.
          6. Some air conditioning systems need to use the vacuum channel switching. The vacuum tank is actually a sealed jar. With a vacuum tube connected with the engine's intake pipe. When the vacuum is used on the car, you can take a vacuum source from this vacuum jar. There are two kinds of vacuum tube, one is the brake pump, one is the ignition device used in advance, and their use is to work to pump the side of the pump to provide vacuum, the other side in connection with the atmosphere, so , The pump membrane in the atmospheric pressure, driving the putter to move forward, which play a role in helping.
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