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          Automobile intake pipe products and introduction
          Time:2017-07-31 14:50:27    Page view (667)
          Intake pipe must ensure adequate circulation area, avoid turning and cross-section mutation, improve the surface finish of the pipe, etc., to reduce the resistance. To this end, in the high-performance gasoline engine on the use of a linear air intake system, in the linear at the same time, should also be reasonable design of air flow throttling and intake pipe length, the layout of the appropriate pressure chamber volume, in order to achieve high turn, High power purpose.
            In addition to the requirements of the engine power, but also must have a good economic and emission performance. In the gasoline engine, the intake pipe must also consider the combustion of the atomization, evaporation, distribution and the use of pressure waves and other issues. On a diesel engine, airflow is also required to form an intake vortex in the cylinder through the inlet to improve the formation and combustion of the mixture. These requirements are often contradictory, such as, in order to get high-speed, high power, intake pipe diameter should be larger, and for the low-speed economic considerations, the intake pipe should be selected so far, it must be handled according to the use of harmonization.
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