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          The function and product of automobile return pipe
          Time:2017-07-31 14:48:46    Page view (738)
          Several functions of the car return pipe:
          1. Fuel pump above a pressure regulator, is to ensure that the fuel out of the fuel tank from the fuel tank to maintain a certain range, usually around 400kpa, but most of the fuel required for the engine do not need such a large pressure (also Understand the oil pressure, oil), then the excess fuel through the filter outlet back to the fuel tank.
          2. Let the excess oil return to the tank, reducing the consumption of oil. When the fuel pump is supplied with oil that is greater than the optimum amount of oil required, the oil will return to the tank through the return line. When the blockage will cause the oil pressure is too high, resulting in idling is too high, the combustion is not sufficient, lack of power. Increased fuel consumption.
          3. Now most EFI vehicles have an oil return pipe, fuel pump to the engine, the formation of a certain pressure In addition to the normal supply of fuel nozzle fuel injection, the remaining fuel through the oil return line back to the tank, of course, The excess petrol steam is also returned to the tank through the return line.
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