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          Is the car exhaust pipe sometimes draining out of the water?
          Time:2017-07-31 14:44:55    Page view (681)
          Automotive engine work in the exhaust pipe sometimes out of the water, especially in the winter is more obvious, people mistakenly believe that the cooling system there is a leak problem, the actual is a very normal physical phenomenon, but also the full combustion of gasoline performance. Each kilogram of gasoline and air mixed after burning produce about 1.42 kilograms of water, mainly in the form of vapor into the atmosphere.
          1, the engine work from the cylinder discharge of gas up to 400-800 ℃ or even higher, when the combustion of water generated by the steam state.
          2, the engine warm-up stage exhaust system temperature is low, the exhaust gas in the hot water will gather phenomenon, a lot of water will be adsorbed in the relatively low temperature of the exhaust pipe wall.
          3, with the exhaust system temperature increases, the exhaust gas in the form of steam will be discharged in the form of people can not see the naked eye.
          4, such as the outside temperature is low, the discharge of hot water will gather in the air, will appear in the form of fog, that is, common exhaust pipe whistle phenomenon.
          5, the vehicle tail exhaust pipe is actually a main silencer, its main role is to eliminate the engine exhaust noise, reduce vehicle noise on the environment pollution.
          6, because the main silencer is located in the rear of the car, the temperature is relatively low, which is multi-chamber structure, easy to form water.
          7, the engine running at high speed inside the water in the role of the air will be discharged, that is common water spray phenomenon. 8, often in the congested road low speed vehicles, especially in the winter silencer water phenomenon will be slightly heavier.
          9, such as fuel sulfur content exceeded, the engine combustion will produce sulfur oxides, together with the accumulation of water inside the silencer easily lead to corrosion perforation.
          10, the car parked on the ramp, in situ H a throttle throttle to help the discharge of water, you can extend the silencer life.
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