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          Automobile exhaust pipe industry cleaning basic knowledge
          Time:2017-07-31 14:43:37    Page view (665)
          Cleaning method classification:
           1. Physical cleaning method
           Chemical cleaning method
           3. Electronic cleaning method (electronic descaling, anti-scaling)
           4. Electrostatic cleaning method (static scale, descaling)
           (1) physical cleaning method is by means of hand tools and machinery to apply a variety of dirt removal of external forces, without changing the cleaning method of dirty components. That does not change the original chemical molecular components of the method
          ① mechanical cleaning method: cleaning and scraper cleaning method, drilling pipe cleaning method, shot peening method.
          ② water cleaning method: low pressure hydraulic cleaning (low pressure cleaning pressure of 196-686 kPa, about 2-7 kg force / square centimeter, equal to 0.2-0.7Mpa).
          ③ high pressure hydraulic cleaning: high pressure cleaning pressure of 4900 kPa, about 50 kg force / square centimeter, equal to 5Mpa. This method is also called high pressure water jet method, high pressure cleaner.
           (2) electronic cleaning method anti-scaling, descaling principle is: the use of high-frequency electric field to change the molecular structure of water, so that anti-scaling and descaling. When the water passes through the high frequency electric field, its molecular physical structure changes, the original association chain macromolecule, broken into a single water molecule, the water salt positive and negative ions are surrounded by a single water molecules, movement speed, the number of effective collision Reduced, electrostatic gravitational decline, can not be heated in the wall surface structure, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-scaling. At the same time as the water molecules dipole moment increases, so that with the salt of the positive and negative ions (scale molecules to increase the ability to pull, so that the heating surface or the wall of the scale becomes soft, easy to fall off, resulting in the effect of descaling.
           (3) static scale, descaling and electronic descaling, but also by changing the state of water molecules to achieve anti-scaling, cleaning purposes. But the latter is the use of the role of electrostatic field, rather than the role of electrons. The mechanism is that the water molecules are polar (also known as dipoles), when the water dipole through the electrostatic field, each water dipole will be arranged in positive and negative order. If the water contains dissolved salts, the positive and negative ions will be surrounded by water dipole, also arranged in positive and negative order in the water dipole group, can not own movement, and therefore can not close to the tube wall And then deposited on the tube wall to form scale. At the same time, the release of oxygen in the water, the pipe wall can produce a layer of very thin oxide layer, can prevent the tube (tube) wall corrosion.
           (4) chemical cleaning method: the use of chemicals to surface contamination or cover layer (such as scale) with its chemical reaction was removed, such as the scale of the pickling, alkaline washing and so on. In order to make the substrate in the chemical cleaning without corrosion or corrosion rate control within the allowable range, usually in the chemical cleaning solution to add the right amount of corrosion inhibitor and activation, penetration, wetting additives. Method: immersion method, circulation method, running the cleaning method is also called non-stop chemical cleaning method.
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