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          Common knowledge of car bumpers
          Time:2017-07-31 14:35:32    Page view (763)
          The car bumper is a safety device that absorbs the external impact and protects the front and back of the body. Twenty years ago, the car front and rear bumper is mainly metal materials, with a thickness of 3 mm or more steel plate stamping into U-shaped steel, surface treatment chrome, and frame longitudinal reinforcement riveting or welding together, and the body has a The larger gap seems to be an attached part. With the development of the automobile industry, car bumpers as an important safety device is also on the road to innovation. Today's car front and rear bumper in addition to maintaining the original protection, but also the pursuit of harmony and unity with the body shape, the pursuit of their own lightweight. In order to achieve this purpose, the current car before and after the bumper with the use of plastic, people called plastic bumper plastic bumper from the outer plate, cushioning materials and beams composed of three parts. The outer plate and the cushioning material are made of plastic, Remove it. This plastic bumper using plastic, in general, the use of polyester and polypropylene two kinds of materials, made by injection molding method. Such as the Peugeot 405 sedan bumper, using a polyester-based materials and made by the reaction injection molding method; and the public Audi 100, golf, Shanghai Santana, Tianjin Xiali and other models of the bumper, using a polypropylene The material is made by injection molding. There is also a foreign called polycarbonate plastic, infiltration alloy composition, the use of alloy injection molding method, the processing of the bumper not only has a high strength of the rigid, but also has the advantages of welding, and coating performance, The amount spent on the car more and more. Plastic bumper with strength, rigidity and decorative, from the security point of view, the car collision can play a buffer role, to protect the front and rear body, from the appearance point of view, can be naturally combined with the body in one, One, has a good decorative, decorative car to become an important part of the appearance.
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